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Welcome to Bunbury Fibre Exports
Plantation Management, Harvesting, Transport, Processing & Exporting Services

Bunbury Fibre Exports Pty Ltd (BFE) is an Australian company formed in June 2002 specifically to provide harvesting, transport, processing, exporting and plantation management services to the plantation timber industry in the South West of Western Australia.

The company and its related company Bunbury Fibre Plantations Pty Ltd (BFP) have been establishing plantations in conjunction with south west landowners since 1993 and now manages a substantial plantation estate comprised of over 150 individual plantations, totaling approximately 15,000 hectares, making it one of the major plantation management companies in the country.

In addition to the plantation management expertise housed within BFE, the company maintains and manages a state of the art wood processing and export facility at the Port of Bunbury. All of the company's timber is processed at the facility in preparation for export to the company's international markets.

BFE has a long and proud history in the Australian timber industry and the company is now recognised as a vertically integrated organisation with a reputation for performance in:

Plantation establishment and maintenance




The company has brought together a leading management team and a detailed business strategy to ensure that its reputation is not only maintained but enhanced.